All our vehicles are covered by CMR insurance – carrier’s insurance during transport. Most of our trucks are equipped with licenses which enable us to carry out truck transport services to and from third countries without obtaining additional permits.

The CMR is a consignment note with a standard set of transport and liability conditions, which replaces individual business terms and conditions. It confirms that the carrier (ie the road haulage company) has received the goods and that a contract of carriage exists between the trader and the carrier. Unlike a bill of lading, a CMR is not a document of title nor a declaration, although some states regard it as such. It does not necessarily give its holder and/or the carrier rights of ownership or possession of the goods, although some insurance is included.

A range of information needs to be covered in the CMR note, including:

The date and place at which the CMR note has been completed.

The name and address of sender, carrier(s) and consignee (the person to whom the goods are going).

A description of the goods and their method of packing. The description should be acceptable to the consignor and consignee. For security reasons, you do not always want the carrier to be able to identify valuable goods.

The weight of the goods.

Any charges related to the goods, such as customs duties or carriage charges.

Instructions for customs and any other formalities such as dangerous goods information.

Generally there will be five copies of a CMR note. One will be kept by the trader and another by the carrier, the third will travel with the goods all the way to their final destination, while the fifth kept with insurance company. There are three additional copy as well.

While the carrier is liable for any loss, damage or delay to a consignment until it is delivered, the trader is responsible for any loss or damage the carrier suffers resulting from incorrect details having been provided in the CMR note.

Under a CMR contract the carrier bears some limited liability (although this is determined on a case-by-case basis and sometimes the liability can be total) and all of the transit shipment which pass Iran will be under CMR contract, so traders should arrange the appropriate insurance cover.