Being located in a strategic geographical location in the region makes Iran an important corridor for cargo transportation. Iran shares its northern borders with three countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan, also have nearly 650 kilometres of water along the southern shore of the Caspian Sea. Iran’s western borders are with Turkey in the north and Iraq in the south. The Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman littorals form the entire 1,770 kilometres southern border. To the east lie Afghanistan on the north and Pakistan on the south. Not only the transit route covers the neighbouring countries but also all the countries located in Asia can take advantage of this opportunity. Here is the most important cities in this region for which we have regular service to and from .Note that mentioned transit times are related to trucking route and some destinations have the possibilities of rail transportation.

[table caption=”” width=”700″ colwidth=”” colalign=”left|center|center|right”] From,To,Transit Time/Day B.ABBAS,Afghanistan – Andkhoy,10-12 B.ABBAS,Afghanistan – Aqineh,8-10 B.ABBAS,Afghanistan – Aynak,11-14

B.ABBAS,Afghanistan – Bagram,13-15

B.ABBAS,Afghanistan – Cheste sharif,9-10

B.ABBAS,Afghanistan – Herat,6-8

B.ABBAS,Afghanistan – Islamqala,4-6

B.ABBAS,Afghanistan – Kabul,11-14

B.ABBAS,Afghanistan – Kalat,13-15

B.ABBAS,Afghanistan – Kandahar ,10-12

B.ABBAS,Afghanistan – Mazare sharif,10-12

B.ABBAS,Afghanistan – Moqar,13-15

B.ABBAS,Afghanistan – Nimrooz,6-8

B.ABBAS,Afghanistan – Zaranj,5-6

B.ABBAS,Armenia – Megri,7-9

B.ABBAS,Armenia – Yeravan,7-9

B.ABBAS,Azerbaijan – Baku,6-8

B.ABBAS,Azerbaijan – Nakhchivan,6-8

B.ABBAS,Azerbaijan – Ganja,6-8

B.ABBAS,Azerbaijan – Lankaran,6-8

B.ABBAS,Azerbaijan – Neftchala,6-8

B.ABBAS,Azerbaijan – Sumgait,6-8

B.ABBAS,Georgia – Batumi,13-15

B.ABBAS,Georgia – Tbilisi,8-12

B.ABBAS,Iraq – Erbil,7-10

B.ABBAS,Iraq – Duhok,8-12

B.ABBAS,Iraq – Soleymania,7-10

B.ABBAS,Kazakhstan – Aksai,12-14

B.ABBAS,Kazakhstan – Aktau,12-14

B.ABBAS,Kazakhstan – Aktobe/Aktubinisk,12-14

B.ABBAS,Kazakhstan – Almaty,14-16

B.ABBAS,Kazakhstan – Astana,12-14

B.ABBAS,Kazakhstan – Atyrau,12-14

B.ABBAS,Kazakhstan – Chimkent,14-16

B.ABBAS,Kazakhstan – Jambyl,11-14

B.ABBAS,Kazakhstan – Karaganda,11-14

B.ABBAS,Kazakhstan – Tengiz,12-14

B.ABBAS,Kazakhstan – Uralesk,12-14

B.ABBAS,Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek,14-17

B.ABBAS,Kyrgyzstan – Jalal abad,14-17

B.ABBAS,Kyrgyzstan – Kara,14-17

B.ABBAS,Kyrgyzstan – Osh,14-17

B.ABBAS,Russia – Astrakhan,10-13

B.ABBAS,Russia – Makhachkala,10-13

B.ABBAS,Russia – Moscow,18-21

B.ABBAS,Russia – Nalchik,13-15

B.ABBAS,Tajikistan – Dushanbe,11-14

B.ABBAS,Tajikistan – Khujand,11-14

B.ABBAS,Tajikistan – Qurgonteppa,11-14

B.ABBAS,Turkey – Istanbul,12-14

B.ABBAS,Turkey – Mersin,9-10

B.ABBAS,Turkmenistan – Ashgabat ,5-8

B.ABBAS,Turkmenistan – Balkanabat,5-8

B.ABBAS,Turkmenistan – Charjew,5-8

B.ABBAS,Turkmenistan – Dashaghouz,7-9

B.ABBAS,Turkmenistan – Farab,9-10

B.ABBAS,Turkmenistan – Mary,5-8

B.ABBAS,Turkmenistan – Turkmenbashi,6-7

B.ABBAS,Uzbekistan – Andijan,12-16

B.ABBAS,Uzbekistan – Bukhara,10-12

B.ABBAS,Uzbekistan – Karshi,10-12

B.ABBAS,Uzbekistan – Navai,10-12

B.ABBAS,Uzbekistan – Samarqand,10-12

B.ABBAS,Uzbekistan – Tashkent,10-12

B.ABBAS,Uzbekistan – Termez,11-14