The following goods are standing under quarantine-control.

* – “refrigerated” means, that the temperature of the good is mostly up to 0 degree counter sunken, without to refrigerate the good. But some goods, for example, potatoes, melons, and some citrus fruits obtain as refrigerate, when those temperature is up to +10 degree.
[table caption=”” width=”900″ colwidth=”20|300|50″ colalign=”left|left”] NHM Code,Ware 030510,Flour of fish 0601,Flower bulbs and roots; chicory plants; outside position 1212 0602,Live plants; nos; cuttings 0603,Flowers and flower buds; cut 0604,Foliage; branches and mosses for ornamental purposes 0701,Potatoes; fresh* 9 0702,Tomatoes; fresh* 0703,Onions; garlic and leeks; fresh* 0704,Cabbages; fresh* 0705,Lettuce and chicory; fresh* 0706,Carrots and other edible roots; nos; fresh* 0707,Cucumbers and gherkins; fresh* 0708,Leguminous vegetables; fresh* 0709,Vegetables; fresh; nos* 0712,Vegetables; dried; nos 0713,Leguminous; vegetables; dried 0714,Sweet potatoes; edible roots with high starch or inulin content 0801,Coconuts; brazil nuts; cashew nuts; fresh; dried 0802,Nuts nos; fresh or dried 0803,Bananas; fresh or dried 0804,Tropical fruit; nos; fresh or dried 0805,Citrus fruit; fresh or dried 0806,Grapes; fresh or dried 0807,Melons and pawpaws; fresh 0808,Apples; pears and quinces; fresh 0809,Stone fruits; fresh 0810,Fruits; fresh; nos 0813,Fruits; dried; nos; outside positions 0801-0806 Aus 0901,Coffee 0902,Tea 0903,Maté 0904-0910,spices 1001,Wheat and meslin 1002,Rye 1003,Barley 1004,Oats 1005,Maize 1006,Rice 1007,Grain sorghum 1008,Cereals nos 1101,Wheat or muslin flour 1102,Cereal flours nos 1103,Cereal groats; meal and pellets 1104,Cereal grains and germs; rolled or flaked Aus 1105,Flour; meal and flakes of potatoes 1106,Flour and meal of leguminous vegetables; roots or fruit 1107,Malt 1201,Soya beans 1202,Groundnuts; not roasted 1203,Copra 1204,Linseed 1205,Rape or colza seeds 1206,Sunflower seeds 1207,Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits; nos 1208,Flours and meals of oil seeds and oleaginous fruits 1209,Seeds; fruit and spores for sowing Aus 1210,Hops 1211,Plants; seeds and fruits used in perfumery; pharmacy or for insecticidal purposes Aus 1212,Sugar beet; sugar cane; locust beans; seaweeds; fruit stones and chicory roots 1213,Cereal straw and husks; unprepared 1214,Mangolds; fodder roots; hay; Lucerne and clover 1301,Lac; natural gums; resins and balsams 1401,Plaiting materials; vegetable 1402,Stuffing materials; vegetables 1403,Vegetable materials for brooms or brushes 1404,Vegetable products nes 170111-170112,Cane sugar; unrefined; beet sugar; unrefined 1801,Cocoa beans; whole or broken 1903,Tapioca and tapioca substitutes 2302,bran and other residues of cereals or leguminous plants 2304,Oil cake from soya beans; Oil cake from groundnuts; Oil cake nose 2308,Vegetable materials for animal feeding; nes 2401,Unmanufactured tobacco; tobacco refuse 300290,Cultures of micro-organisms 3101,Fertilizers; animal or vegetable 4101-4103,Raw hides and skins of bovine or equine animals or different tinned 4403,Wood in the rough 4404,Hoop wood; piles and chip wood 440610,Railway sleepers; wood 4407,Wood sawn lengthwise of a thickness exceeding 6 mm 4409,Continuously-shaped wood 4415,Packing; cable-drums and pallets; of wood 4416,Coopers’ products; of wood 4418,Builders’ joinery and carpentry; of wood(ausser 441830 und 441890) 4501,Natural cork; raw and waste cork 4601-4602,Plaits of plaiting materials; plaiting materials in sheet form; Basketwork and wickerwork 4701,Mechanical wood pulp 480810,Paperboard; corrugated; whiter or not perforated; Paper; corrugated; whiter or not perforated 481910,Packing cartons; corrugated paper or paperboard; Boxes; corrugated paper or paperboard 5001,Silk-worm cocoons 5003,Silk waste 5101-5102,Wool; not carded or combed; Animal hair; not carded or combed 5103,Waste of wool or animal hair 5201,Cotton; not carded or combed 5202,Cotton waste 5203,Cotton; carded or combed 5301,Flax; not spun; flax tow and waste 5302,True hemp; not spun; tow and waste of true hemp Aus 5303,Jute; not spun; tow and waste of jute 5304,Sisal; not spun; tow and waste of sisal 5305,Textile fibers; vegetable; not spun; nes; tow and waste of such fibers Aus 9705,Collections and collectors’ pieces of historical or scientific interest   [/table]