KGP Co. is honoured to offer transportation services for project shipments and a big volume of containers in shortest time. We have moved many project consignments such as cotton, scrap metal, fertilizers, grains, etc. from CIS countries to all over the world via Bandar Abbas port/Iran. We have also good experience in advising the best means of transportation and routes for any movement which makes our company distinguished for our clients and our partners. Anyhow, we do welcome any opportunity to work with your esteemed company for your required services.

Although many various parameters such as choosing type of suitable vehicles, the route of carriage, the required facilities,… are necessary for offering a high quality service for carrying project cargoes, we also can guide you in transportation way by Road, Rail, Sea or a Multimodal transport service

We hereby name some of our project shipments as follows:

1-Transportation services by Rail and Truck to Afghanistan and CIS for Sugar, Rice and the other Foodstuffs.

2-Transportation services by Rail and Truck from CIS to B.Abbas and from B.Abbas to various ports in Fareast and Europe for Gasoline, Cotton and Fertilizer.  We have moved Cotton yarn shipment from CIS to Iran and Urea Fertilizer (Carbomide) from CIS to /India for some our partner forwarders there.

3-Transportation services by Truck for the project oil shipments and oil field equipments from B.Abbas to various cities in Kazakhstan such as Tengiz, Kulsary, Aksai, Aktube, Aktaubinisk, Atyrau (Guryev) and Aktau (Shefchenqu) and from B.Abbas to various cities at Turkmenistan such as Mary, Charjew, Farab and Turkmenbashi.

4-Transportation services to Ashghabad/ Turkmenistan for the constructional materials in about 1000 Tues containers for 6 last years.

5-Transportation services for the pipe shipments of Piping project in Herat/ Afghanistan.

6-Transportation services for the Gates of Salma Dam in Chiste Sherif/ Afghanistan.

7-Transportation services to Kandahar, Kabul, Herat, Shajou, Shurab and Doushi at Mazarsherif and …

8-Transportation services from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to Iran and India for metals and Iron Rods.

9-Transportation services from Charjew/Turkmenistan to Afghanistan for Gasoline shipments.

10-Transportation services to Aktau via B.Abbas and the Caspian Sea as a Multi-Modal transport for various shipments such as Household goods and Furniture.

11- Transportation services and the permanent clearance of the Exhibition goods for Tehran Exhibition.

12- Transportation services for the Optical Fiber equipments for Persian Gulf cabling project.

13- Transportation services by Rail and Truck for vegetable oil and industrial oil to Mazar-e-sherif/Afghanistan via Heiratan border and Andkhoy.

14- Transportation services for various goods to the internal points at Afghanistan such as goods for ISAF, UK Army, England army, Italy Army, Aid cargoes.

15- Transportation services for the Diplomatic shipments for Iran, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan Embassies.

16- Transportation services for pipe project shipments to Hazar and Turkmenbashi /Turkmenistan and Aktau, Bautino, Kulsary/ Kazakhstan for oil fields and also to Herat/Afghanistan for water supply projects in Herat/Afghanistan.