Iranian Wagon Info

Covered wagon

Covered wagon — this rolling stock type wagon is used to transport packed goods (paper, furniture, tires, storage, bulk shipments and bundles such as chemical fertilizer, food stuff and etc). The doors can be locked and sealed, so the shipment will be safe in the route.

covered wagon

Hopper wagon­­­

Hopper — cereals hoppers and cement coppers for transportation of corresponding items. These wagons can carry and discharge the grains from the bottom.


Semi- high edged -wagon

Semi- high edged -wagon — used for goods loaded from the top — bulk materials, pipes, wood, sawn timber. These wagons can carry Mineral materials and for discharging turndown wagon is needed.

semi  highedged

Platform (universal)

Platform — used for large and oversized cargo and for transportation of machinery (tractors, excavators, buses).


Dumpcar wagon

Dumpcar — dump wagons are used to transport bulk material. The main advantage of dumpcars is that they do not need special unloading sites.



Transporter — a long platform with low centre of gravity. Used mainly for cargo with large dimensions.


Tank- wagon

Tank — used mainly for liquid transportation (different tanks for petroleum products, milk, oil and gasoline). Also can be used for transferring Petroleum and Oil products.