Multimodal transport

Pleased to offer Multimodal services from Bandar Abbas to Russia via Bandar Anzali Port in North of Iran which this service is an economical route according to its Transit Time and its freight.
Multimodal Transportation Services


1- Multimodal Transportation services (ship-rail)

KGP Company is well-experienced in transportation of containers and break bulk shipments by rail. We will load containers on rail flat wagons and break bulk shipments on rail covered wagons from/to various origins and ports in our area of activities. For this purpose, we can offer transportation services for loading shipments from vessel to wagon directly including doing the transit customs formality, loading and offloading and carriage up to rail station in the final destination.

Also, we can transport cargo by wagons from any points in our area of activity until loading on the vessel, in this way we undertake loading operations, THC, etc up to delivery in your desired port of delivery.

KGP has permission to import government and private wagons by Iranian Railways, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan Railways, which allows us to import an unlimited number of public and private relief wagons to Iran for export and transit cargo. This permission is for covered wagons 24000, 28000, 23000 and 29000, short edge wagons, open top wagons, tank wagons and other wagons.
There are many advantages for using rail services since the rail freight is more economical and cheaper comparing to truck freight especially for moving SOC containers. Also, there is no weight limitation for transporting cargoes loaded in 20 ‘& 40’ SOC containers by rail since no surcharge for extra weight will be paid to railway in this mode of transport and the same container will be loaded up to max payload and will be moved up to final destination.

Also it is possible to move the break bulk shipments from various origins in our activities area by rail up to Bandar Abbas and from Bandar Abbas to any other ports in the world by Sea.

2- Multimodal Transportation Services (Air-Truck)

For transporting goods to the inland points of Iran and up to door delivery of such goods, we can offer Multimodal transportation services by Air or Truck considering the volume and weight of consignments. Besides we can offer such services from inland points of Iran to your desired destinations by Multimodal transportation services.

3- Multimodal Transportation Services (Ship-truck)

We are offering good transportation services by Sea, Truck, Rail and Air and Multimodal transportation to Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirghizstan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan or any other point in the world. It is possible that the shipper consigns the containers by Sea to from port of loading to Bandar Abbas and we will move it by truck up to the final destination. Also, we can undertake the sea transportation from port of loading to Bandar Abbas and can book the empty containers at origin, in this way we will give you the FP Number so you can pick up the empty box from the line agent at origin then arrange for loading and sealing the container at origin then we will move the same container to the final destination.

4- Multimodal Transportation Services (Truck- Ship-Rail)

Multimodal Truck-Ship-Rail mode of transport is used when the geographical position of the route or economical aspect is concerned. This mode of transport includes Truck- Ship- Rail.
For example, if we want to transport consignment from one of Italian ports to Tengiz (located in Kazakhstan) trucking rate for this route is expensive because trucks which move cargo in European routes do not know impracticable routes of Kazakhstan as well as almost all of the drivers do not have any willing to drive in such routes therefore the trucking rate will be too high if the cargo is being moved completely by truck.

We will study several routes for such kind of this transportation and will suggest the best one.

Regarding above mentioned example the routes which are workable are as below:
1. Transporting consignment by vessel from Italy port to Bandar Abbas & from Bandar Abbas to Anzali (in Iran) by Truck & from Bandar Anzali to Aktau port (Kyrgyzstan) by vessel and finally from Aktau port to Tengiz by rail or truck.
2. Transportation from Italy to Sahlan in Tabriz (Razi entrance border) by rail and by truck from Sahlan to Tengiz
3. Transportation from Italy to Bandar Abbas by vessel & from Bandar Abbas toTengiz by truck or rail
4. Transportation from Italy to Tengiz completely by Truck
5. Transportation from Italy to Sahlan in Tabriz (Razi entrance border) by rail &from
Sahlan in Tabriz to Tengiz by Russian wagons or rail.Our multimodal transportation services is not limited to the Caspian Sea routes but

also for the below mentioned routes:

A. Pakistan to CIS: Usually cargoes are being transported to the border Mirjaveh or Zahedan by rail or by Pakistani trucks from Lahore to Quetta and from there by Iranian trucks to Iran city or final destinations in CIS.

B. From any points to Azerbaijan: We have the possibility of moving project cargoes (more than 500 MT) to Astara or Bileh Savar and from there the cargo can be transshipped into Azerbaijani trucks.

C. Turkey to Turkmenistan: Project cargoes (more than 500 MT) are being carried from Turkey up to Bazargan (the border between Iran and Turkey) and from there by Iranian trucks to one of the border points between Iran and Turkmenistan. From these points the cargo is stripped into Turkmen trucks to be carried to inland destinations in Turkmenistan

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