multimodal Pleased to offer Multimodal services from Bandar Abbas to some ports in CIS &Russia via Bandar Anzali Port in North of Iran, this service is an economical way according to Transit Time and freight. Multimodal mode of transport is used when the geographical position of the route or economical aspect is concerned. This mode of transport includes using different vehicles of transportation. We will study several routes for multimodal transportation and will suggest the best option to our partners. Regarding this method of transportation one of the routes which is workable and competitive with short transit time is as below: Transporting consignment by vessel from any POL to Bandar Abbas & from Bandar Abbas to Bandar Anzali (in Iran) by Truck & from Bandar Anzali to any active POD such as Aktau port (Kazakhstan ) by vessel. Our multimodal transportation services is not limited to the Caspian Sea routes but also for the below mentioned routes: We have the possibility of moving project cargoes from any origin to Bandar Abbas , and from there the cargo can be transhipped into suitable trucks for final delivery to any destination at Iran neighbouring countries.